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Anitta Shares BTS Video of Recording a Song in ‘Simlish’ for Sims Video Game

The Brazilian artist now speaks and sings in six languages.
Anitta attends the 2022 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater. 

Anitta attends the 2022 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater. 

Anitta already speaks—and releases albums in—English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. The Brazilian singer just added Simlish to her running list of languages. 

The WSJ Magazine’s Music Innovator of the Year shared a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok to promote her latest partnership with the video game Sims. Everyone in SimNation speaks “Simlish” and even the songs that are played on the radio in the virtual world are sung in the peculiar language. The 29-year-old recorded her song “Practice,” or “Prootish” in Simlish, earlier this month.

“When we’re young we dream about so many things and then when you see these things actually happening, it’s just so crazy,” she said in a Sims Session posted by the brand’s official YouTube account.”

Sims Sessions is a new video series and “open invitation” to music fans and Simmers to go behind the curtain with musicians who “challenge the status quo and experience their creative spark” as they record their songs in Simlish. Katy Perry, Aly & AJ, The Pussycat Dolls, Natasha Bedingfield and Jason Derulo are among the artists who have recorded some of their hit songs in the language. 

“Don’t forget the reason that you’re doing what you’re doing,” Anitta, who is a self-described fellow Simmer, added. “I think that’s the most important thing.”

“It’s impossible,” Anitta said of the language after messing up a Simlish lyric. “This s--- is hard.”

She explained that she is joining Sims for an experience called “Spark Something,” which launched Nov. 15. The new platform, influenced by human creativity, incorporates new design elements to show how players find inspiration from the game and share it. 

The campaign kicked off with a short film featuring Anitta’s Sim laying in bed when a plumbob (the green 3-D diamond) lights up above her head and she has an urge to play her guitar, take a shower and spread her creativity down the street. Several other plumbobs light up in various colors or jewels as the Grammy Award nominee walks past them.

“The Sims’ iconic green Plumbob started as a simple UI tool 22 years ago, but through the power of Simmers sharing their creations with one another, the Plumbob has transformed into a symbol of creative inspiration that can expand the horizons and open new possibilities in anyone,” reads the YouTube description on the virtual story. “Follow along as the Plumbob gets re-imagined and travels from creator to creator, igniting a spark of inspiration that transforms and inspires art, authentic personal expression, and the world around us. #PassTheSpark and #SparkSomething with The Sims.”

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