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If Ashley Graham’s Rainbow Sweater Doesn’t Make You Smile Nothing Will

The supermodel shared an adorable photo with her 19.4 million Instagram followers.
Ashley Graham attends the Calendario Pirelli 2023 Presentation at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca.

Ashley Graham attends the Calendario Pirelli 2023 Presentation at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca.

SI Swimsuit model Ashley Graham is getting cozy and colorful this holiday season. The 35-year-old posted a carousel of sweet photos on Instagram of herself in a rainbow striped sweater. She posed with her hands in the pockets of her straight-leg leather pants and waived her ponytail around for her 19.4 million IG followers. She paired the flashy sweater with chunky gold hoops and black platform boots. Photographer Christopher Rogers shot Graham from a low angle, making her look extra tall as she posed against a neutral white wall and a brick wall.

“🌈💋🐞✨🔮☄️😊hope you smile today😊🚺🍄⚡️🌸🌶🌞🌈,” Graham captioned the Nov. 22 post.

Fans weighed into the comments to express how adorable Graham is and how this post made their day.

“I did [smile] because of you 🥰,” someone wrote, while another said “Who made this, where do we buy?”

“Woooo look at that color!!!,” another chimed in.

“I smile when I see you,” someone else piped.

Graham has been open about her tough times and when she’s not feeling her best, but for the most part she has a positive outlook on life and always encourages kindness.

The mom to three boys under three—Isaac, Malachi and Roman—spoke to Fashion Week Daily about spreading love and how she has learned to do so in an industry that often can be isolating.

“I think something I’ve always garnered from the women around me is kindness. I love a generous, kind person. Whether that’s with their mouth, heart, or actions. I’m always inspired by that, and it inspires me to be more kind,” she explained. “Everyone has such a great story and something great to say … especially in fashion. As models, we’re not always able to say what we’re thinking. We’ve been silenced so much! But what an honor to be a part of something that lends a voice.”

Graham was featured in Pirelli’s 2023 calendar as an “activist” because of her immense contribution to celebrating the female body.

Graham said that a “love letter” to her younger self would include words of wisdom about perseverance. The model still receives negativity and is accustomed to a fair share of trolling—but she has learned to tune it out and is largely unaffected by hate. 

“Ashley, everything is going to come to you when it needs to, you don’t need it all right now,” she would say to her younger self. “Be patient and know that your body is going to change somebody’s life. So hang in there and don’t let the criticism get to you.”