Brittany Mahomes Advocates for Respect on Instagram, Tells Critics to ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’

The KC Current co-owner is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes.

Brittany Mahomes has a special message for internet trolls, and she isn’t afraid to say it to the world. The KC Current National Women’s Soccer League team co-owner, who is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, took to her Instagram story on Tuesday, Dec. 19 to say a little something to recent online critics.

“Recently there has been ALOT more rude ass people on here, waaaay more then normal,” she wrote. “I’m not sure where all came from, but you should probably go back to where you came from...please.”

Her new BFF, Taylor Swift, might encourage most people to “Shake It Off” when it comes to haters, but the 28-year-old was in the mood to clap back.

The former soccer player and NFL star, who are high school sweethearts, got married last March and share two young kids, Sterling and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon. The Texas natives starred in Netflix documentary Quarterback, where Brittany opened up about life in the spotlight and how she deals with all the (sometimes negative) publicity as an NFL wife.

“I was not prepared for this,” she admitted in the series, which hit the streaming platform over the summer. “And at such a young age. We were in love and I loved him with all of my heart. But, you know, I didn’t expect [his career] to skyrocket this soon, and us kind of just being thrown into the fire like this.”

It’s a good thing Brittany can hold her own, but she knows she’s always got some loyal fans on her side.

“WOMEN - you have to stop leaving negative comments on other women’s pages. It is so pathetic, so please just do not say anything if you have nothing positive to say. Blows my mind that grown women have to be reminded of this 🤯,” Jess Masche defended in a comment on a recent IG post of Brittany posing on the field ahead of Monday night’s football game. Haters were criticizing her for simply standing on the grass and snapping a pic.

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