Cameron Brink’s Surprising New Hobby Was Inspired by Her Boyfriend

When not on the basketball court, the athlete enjoys a whole host of fun pastimes.
Cameron Brink
Cameron Brink / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Though a huge part of her life, basketball has never been Cameron Brink’s only passion. As the first women’s basketball player to sign a contract with New Balance, the 22-year-old is a huge sneakerhead. She’s also a dedicated coach and mentor to young girls through her Oregon-based basketball camp, Next 22.

All of these passions make sense. They align with and complement her dedication to basketball—and, thus, don’t come as much of a surprise to us. But Brink has a few passions that, on the other hand, do.

In a recent interview with People, the Los Angeles Sparks rookie shared one of her latest hobbies. When not on the court or in the gym, the athlete likes to spend her time making pottery and painting watercolors. Inspired by her boyfriend, fellow Stanford graduate Ben Felter, she has become “a huge art lover,” she admitted. “I love pottery and watercolor, even though I’m terrible.”

The pastime that she enjoys with her boyfriend gives her a chance to “sit down and work your brain in a different way for a little bit,” Brink noted. For her, it’s not dissimilar to the “meditative” process of doing her hair and makeup.

Her other unique pastimes include surfing—an hobby easy to come by in California—and, surprisingly, juggling, a skill she taught herself.

Felter and Brink have been dating for over three years. The pair met while they were studying and playing Division I athletics at Stanford (Brink on the basketball court and Felter on the rowing team).

Martha Zaytoun


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