Camille Kostek Reveals Best Relationship Advice for Busy Career-Driven Couples

The model says maintaining a healthy relationship is all about communication and spending quality time together.
Camille Kostek.

Camille Kostek.

SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek knows a thing or two about dating amidst busy schedules. The 31-year-old has been in a public relationship with former NFL player Rob Gronkowski since 2015. So when it comes to managing her busy schedule and a happy, healthy relationship, Kostek is something of an expert.

During a “get to know you” game of giant Jenga during Miami Swim Week in July, DJ XANDRA asked Kostek her “tips for maintaining a healthy relationship when you are both so busy with work.”

The model’s answer certainly took some inspiration from her own personal relationship with Gronkowski, 34. According to Kostek, one of the most important things is to “communicate your feelings and don’t assume that the other person knows what’s going on in your head,” she said. “Just be open, [and] talk to each other.”

She also took the chance to offer some playful advice as well. “Do things together that make you feel like you’re kids again,” she said. When it comes to her relationship, that’s one of her favorite ways to spend time together. “We love to play backyard sports for fun even without parties,” including basketball, pickleball and cornhole, she explained. “We just like to do things where we’re disconnected, off of our phones and in the moment.”

The advice was simple—communicate openly, disconnect and enjoy each other’s company, which is clearly an effective way of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship for the pair.

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Martha Zaytoun


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