Christie Brinkley Feels the Same at 69 As She Did at 30

The supermodel opened up about aging gracefully in a recent interview.
Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley is proving that age is just a number. The 69-year-old supermodel reflected on aging gracefully rather than focusing on getting older in an interview with People.

“I pretty much feel, as I’m approaching 70, the same way that I felt when I was approaching 30. I feel good. I feel strong,” she said. “I feel like the number doesn’t match my spirit, so I may as well just keep spiriting on. I don’t believe that focusing on age is going to make you feel any better about it. I think curiosity in the world around you and just wanting to do something with each day, that is what keeps you young and going.”

The mom of three loves to be surrounded by her family and friends and thinks laughter has the power to “heal.”

As someone who has been in the fashion and modeling industry for so long, working with major brands like Cover Girl, Gap and SI Swimsuit, Brinkley knows there is a certain pressure to maintain youthful beauty standards, a fit figure and her signature blonde hair.

“I think the important thing is to do what works best for you. People will put pressure on you in every direction,” the Bellissima founder added. “If you don’t go gray, some people really make a big deal about it, like ‘Oh, that’s so disappointing. She’s not owning it. She’s trying to do something other than who she is.’ And it’s like, no. I believe firmly that if there’s something bothering you, take care of it.”

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