These Photos of Samantha Hoopes in Malta Will Help Motivate You to Plan Your Next Vacation

The SI Swimsuit model made seven consecutive appearances in the magazine.
Samantha Hoopes was photographed by Ben Watts in Malta.

Samantha Hoopes was photographed by Ben Watts in Malta.

Samantha Hoopes made seven consecutive appearances in the SI Swimsuit Issue, starting with her body paint debut in 2014 in St. Lucia. Years later, the mom of two returned to the publication just four months after welcoming her first baby boy for her ’20 feature in Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands.

“My first year, I came in—I don’t like to use the word lost—but at 22, you’re still kind of finding yourself, figuring out what you like and don’t like,” she said at the time. “Seven years later, it’s a big difference. I’m a woman. I have a baby.”

The feeling from the SI Swimsuit team’s side was mutual.

“I literally feel like I’ve watched her grow up,” SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day noted. “The beauty of being part of this brand is that so many people stay for such a long time. You get to see women evolve—from model to mogul to mother. It’s wonderful.”

Below are seven of our favorite photos from Hoopes’s 2016 photo shoot in Malta with photographer Ben Watts.


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