Courteney Cox’s Homecourt Is More Than Just Another Celebrity Brand

The actress founded her line of household products in 2020.
Courteney Cox smiles at the camera wearing a black blazer and her dark brown hair down in a loose wave.

Courteney Cox.

In 2020, actress Courteney Cox joined the ranks of celebrities with a brand attached to their name with


, a company providing high-end household products. But while many A-listers just serve as a figurehead for their various ventures—beauty products and athleisure, to name a few—the Alabama native has integrated herself into the business, ensuring that the brand is providing products that she is proud of.

“There are a ton of celebrity brands, but I don’t know if all the celebrities that have brands are as involved [as I am],” she told Marie Claire in a recent interview for the magazine’s wellness issue. “It’s not something that I’m just getting paid to do; I’m not getting paid. I want it to be perfect. I want it to be the best it can be.”

Courteney Cox for Marie Claire.

Courteney Cox for Marie Claire.

In many ways, the company seems a long time coming for the actress, who is perhaps best-known for her role in the TV show Friends as Monica, a somewhat neurotic and obsessive cleaner. According to Marie Claire, the acting played on Cox’s proclivity for cleaning. Her friend and fellow Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston, made as much clear. “The amount of times I’ve found her on the floor, on all fours, scrubbing something—every time I enter her house,” Aniston told Marie Claire.

The venture, which combines luxury, fine fragrances with clean ingredients to craft cleaning supplies that you want to use in your home, is Cox’s way of “going long,” a football expression used to describe a long pass downfield, and a lesson she learned while attending football games with her father as a child.

“My mother was a beautiful woman who did not have a lot of drive. I always wanted her to go long. Take a chance, take a risk, be bold,” she told Marie Claire. She noticed similar tendencies in herself as she grew up. “I would stop myself from doing things, and I would talk myself out of stuff by justifying—oh, you know, that’s not really what I want to do,” she said in the interview. 

But, rather than let it stop her, she decided to confront it, to “go long.” “Now I take these thoughts… I’ll just put [each] out as if it’s a candle,” she explained to Marie Claire. “Because I think whenever you give wind or air or attention to things, they do get bigger. Why stay in the past or project into the future?” 

It was this mentality that helped her found Homecourt and which, in the years since, has helped her build it into the company she envisioned: one that crafts “beauty products for the home,” she wrote on her



Courteney Cox for Marie Claire.

Courteney Cox for Marie Claire.

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