Ellie Thumann Reveals Her Dream Collab with Iconic YouTuber

The model shared details about her early experience with the video platform during Miami Swim Week.
Ellie Thumann.

Ellie Thumann.

Miami Swim Week was replete with fun activity and celebration, including a series of games of giant Jenga during which SI Swimsuit models had the chance to get to know each other better.

A conversation between Sixtine and Ellie Thumann, particularly, revealed some of the interesting details about Thumann’s start as a YouTuber. Sixtine posed the question, “If you could collaborate with anyone in the world—a YouTuber—who would it be, and why?”

After hearing only the first part of the question—about a dream collaboration—Thumann thought she had the perfect answer. “I was going to say Taylor Swift,” before realizing the question was about a YouTube collab, the 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie admitted.

But in terms of a YouTuber she’d love to work with, Thumann didn’t have to think too hard about her answer either. “I feel like Bethany Mota because that was the first YouTuber I ever watched,” she said. “That would just be a nice full-circle [moment].”

After some prompting from fellow rookie Sixtine, Thumann admitted that Mota “absolutely” motivated her to start her own YouTube channel, which she created in 2014. “I had a fan page [for Mota], I had all of it,” she explained.

Her channel now boasts a total of 2.19 million subscribers, who follow her for her interesting lifestyle content, from vlogs from her travels to tidbits of her life in Charleston, S.C. 

“That would be a great full-circle moment,” Sixtine agreed with Thumann.

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