Ellie Thumann Shares Why She’s Been on a Break From YouTube

The influencer has taken a step back for both mental and professional reasons, but is gearing up for a return.
Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann.

Ellie Thumann has been producing YouTube videos for nearly a decade. It is a space where, in the past, she has felt comfortable sharing honest updates about her mental health, a topic that the 22-year-old feels particularly passionate about.

But she’s been on an unplanned break from the platform for about two-and-a-half months now, and she just took to TikTok to address it. Throughout December and January, according to the model, she hasn’t felt able to share the same sort of mental health updates that she tends to offer up on her channel. “The last couple months, I haven’t even [known] what’s going on” to the extent that “I couldn’t even put it into thought,” she explained.

She hasn’t felt inclined to posting, and she didn’t want to force it, either. Thumann wants to be sure that everything she shares online is up to her standards. “I’m so tired of just [doing] something to do something,” she remarked. “I want everything I do to be intentional and thoughtful, especially on YouTube.”

With her 10 year anniversary on the platform this year, she’s taking some time to reassess exactly what she wants to bring to her channel moving forward. She’s been considering the questions, “What is it that I want to do? What is my intention with this? How can I do that ... in the most authentic way?” in an honest attempt to ensure she’s producing meaningful content for herself and others.

Plus, she’s been busy the past couple of months, working on a couple of big projects that she can’t yet share. It’s difficult, according to the social media influencer, to share content on YouTube without yet being able to divulge these announcements.

All of that to say, Thumann hasn’t felt up for posting to her channel recently, but she promises to be back soon. She noted that she will be returning with a Q&A-style video soon.

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