Emily DiDonato Reflects on ‘Uncomfortable’ Postpartum Journey, Major Life Changes

The model, mom and entrepreneur opened up to her Instagram followers.
Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato.

SI Swimsuit model Emily DiDonato is four months postpartum, having welcomed her second child, Oliver, in late April. The Covey co-founder opened up to her Instagram followers on Wednesday and inquired of those who have children when they started to feel like themselves again.

“They say that postpartum is a quest back to yourself, and I’m certainly on that quest and it’s really uncomfortable,” she admitted in a reel. “When I reflect on the last few years, so much has happened. I went from modeling and traveling full time. Then it was the pandemic. I launched my own business. I got pregnant two seconds after I launched that business, and then I got pregnant again seven months after I gave birth.”

DiDonato, who also moved with her family out of the city and into the suburbs within the past year, described missing the way things used to be and occasionally feeling uncertain. She and her husband, Kyle Peterson, are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Teddy.

Plenty of the 32-year-old model’s 2.8 million followers who are fellow parents chimed in to the comments section to say they could certainly relate.

“I love you 🙏🏼 These are all such normal feelings. I feel the same way,” fellow SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott shared.

“Yesss love this ❤️,” soon-to-be mom of two Megan Roup added.

“I appreciate this video more than you know ❤️,” Annalee Grace applauded.

“This is so honest and relatable and I think so so so many of us have felt and feel this way,” a fan wrote. “Thank you emily ❤️.”

“This is kind of an uncomfortable season, if you’re in the same boat, you’re not alone,” DiDonato stated at the end of her video. “Postpartum is weird and uncomfortable and I’m with you.”

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