Emily DiDonato Says This Is How a Career in Modeling Prepared Her for Motherhood

The SI Swimsuit star shared a few ways in which the two roles overlap.
Emily DiDonato.

Emily DiDonato.

Emily DiDonato is known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline and SI Swimsuit, but she’s also an entrepreneur and mom of two. The 32-year-old first posed for SI Swim 10 years ago, when she was photographed in Namibia by Kayt Jones. Her most recent magazine feature was in 2021, when she traveled to Sacramento, Calif., and worked with visual artist Anne Menke.

The Covey cofounder revealed in a recent TikTok that modeling and motherhood are connected, and she noted that her work in the industry prepared her to be a mom in a few surprising ways. For example, she said she’s received bad advice as both a model and mother.

“You get so much advice and you need to learn to like just take in what’s gonna work for you and do what works for you and let the rest fall off and like roll off your back,” DiDonato stated of her work in the industry. “I think as a mom, you also get a lot of bad advice and a lot of unsolicited opinions, and I felt like I learned at a young age to just take people’s opinions and thoughts with a grain of salt.”

She went on to share that being a model and mom are both overstimulating, and all of the travel she got to do earlier in her career has allowed her to really value settling down and being grounded at home with her family today.

“I want to be home, I want to be with my kids, but I think if I hadn’t gotten that out of my system and seen so much of the world, maybe I would feel like I was missing out on something,” she noted.

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