Emily Ratajkowski Issues Strong Statement on ‘Me Too’ Movement, Cancel Culture in TikTok Video

The model feels that men are afraid of the consequences of their actions.

Emily Ratajkowski on the red carpet at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

Emily Ratajkowski is using TikTok to make a bold statement. In a video posted on Saturday, Oct. 8, the model shared her opinions on both the #MeToo movement and cancel culture. She posits that neither have actually had much of an impact.

“Me Too hasn’t changed things in the world,” she said. “Cancel culture has not changed things. All we have now are men who are afraid of consequences.”

“I think in a post-me too world what we have is a lot of dudes who are afraid of getting caught,” Ratajkowski continued. “I think they’re just afraid of the consequences of their actions, they don’t actually understand fundamentally why they need to change their actions. That’s not progress.”

The #MeToo movement gained viral traction in 2017 after numerous sexual assault allegations were made against Hollywood big-shot Harvey Weinstein. People across the world shared their own experiences with sexual harassment and workplace misconduct. Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in New York state prison after being convicted in February 2020 with two charges of committing a first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape.

Ratajkowski connected her statement to parenting and shared her perspective on teaching her son to be a good person. She has a 1-year-old, Sylvester Apollo Bear, with estranged husband, film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. (Ratajkowski filed for divorce in early September.)

“As a parent, I can tell you, when you want to teach your child something like not to hit other kids, you don’t want them to not hit other kids because they are scared of a time out,” she added. “You want them to not hurt other kids because they have empathy and they understand that hurting other kids is not nice and they don’t want to hurt other kids.”

This isn’t the first time Ratajkowski has voiced her opinion on social issues via TikTok. On Sept. 30 she posted a video expressing her disappointment with the new Marilyn Monroe film, Blonde, commenting on how it’s just another “fetishization of female pain and suffering.” On Sept. 20, she also spoke on how society often blames the “other woman” for a man cheating.

”I don’t understand why we continue to blame women for men’s mistakes, especially when you’re talking about 20-something women dealing with men in positions of power who are twice their age,” Ratajkowski said. “The power dynamic is so skewed it’s ridiculous. It’s predatory. It’s manipulative. If you’re the one in the relationship, you’re the one who’s obligated to be loyal.”

Ananya Panchal


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