Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Meghan Markle’s Recent Cameo in This Coffee Ad

The Duchess of Sussex’s latest acting role isn’t what she’s used to, but most people are loving it all the same.
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle.

In a totally unexpected turn of events, California coffee brand, Clevr, just landed a huge actress in their latest ad campaign. Meghan Markle, Suits actress and the current Duchess of Sussex, joined the coffee and tea company for an unassuming (but eye-catching) role in their latest Instagram ad campaign. 

Her cameo in the background of the video was, dare we say, clever. In the clip, the company’s cofounder took followers on a behind the scenes tour of brand headquarters. In each of the areas that she walked through—fulfillment, digital and ops—Markle stood in the background, silently completing various tasks, from packaging boxes to computer work.

According to an article in Forbes, the Duchess of Sussex is an investor in the small company, which—in part—explains her appearance in the fun promo clip. Despite that, fans were still in shock and had mixed feelings about the appearance, and expressed as much in the comment section.

“The new hire deserves a raise and bonus and benefits,” one fan joked, clearly enjoying the latest ad. “She is a multitasking Queen. Clearly.”

“This is my new favorite thing! Watching on repeat.” one fan approved of the ploy.

“This is a royally great video 🤌✨,” another cleverly quipped.

Some were a little less certain of exactly what was happening in the video.

” that Her Royal Highness??” one questioned. We’re sure the overwhelming number of comments riffing on Markle’s role soon cleared up the confusion.

In addition to her latest acting role, the 42-year-old also endorsed their products. She declared the coffee and tea “one of [her] favorite ways to start and end each day,” according to a statement on Clevr’s website.

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Martha Zaytoun


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