Fans Just Mistook Shay Mitchell for Another Stylish Star Following Her Edgy Haircut

They were absolutely convinced that the actress was this celebrity—and we were, too.
Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell.

You know that saying that people always preach around this time of year—the “New Year new you” mantra? Well, we know someone who is embracing just that heading into 2024 (in a very literal sense). Or, at least, temporarily.

Canadian actress Shay Mitchell shared a post to her Instagram on Jan. 2, in which she posed in an edgy black blazer and sunglasses, and an even edgier hairdo. She rocked a very shaggy, very short black hairstyle, with a classic tousled look that had everyone reminded of one particular celebrity.

"new year new hair,” she aptly captioned the post. The overwhelming consensus among her followers was that a short-haired Mitchell closely resembles Kris Jenner.

“Raise your hand if you did a double take and thought this was Kris Jenner for a hot minute,” one follower wrote in the comment section.

“You've been krissed,” another jokingly added.

“I thought this was Kylie dressing as Kris 😂,” a fan laughingly said.

“It’s giving Kris Jenner," a fan wrote.

Though we believe it was only a wig (and a very convincing one at that), now we know what (or should we say who) Mitchell might look like if she were to opt for a much shorter (and much shaggier style). And, we have to say, we do think she could rock it. But, then again, we kind of think Mitchell could rock just about anything with ease. Only time will tell if its real, fake or just a trial run for a future cut.

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Martha Zaytoun


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