Fellow Gymnast Nastia Liukin Supports Olivia Dunne’s Dedication to Doing it All

The Olympic gold medalist and the LSU athlete have known each other for a decade.

Nastia Liukin and Olivia Dunne. 

Nastia Liukin, like LSU gymnast and 2023 SI Swimsuit model Olivia Dunne, knows a thing or two about the double standard gymnasts face while wearing a leotard versus wearing a swimsuit. The Olympic gold medalist, 33, and Dunne, 20, have known each other for more than a decade and have grown close over the years.

In a recent SI Swimsuit article, Liukin defended Dunne’s right to wear whatever makes her feel good, as well as her dedication to creating a name for herself while competing as a college athlete.

“Livvy is being praised on Friday night under the bright lights when she’s on national TV doing wildly difficult skills. Then on Saturday, when she’s being a college student, wearing a swimsuit or ‘short’ shorts, it’s an issue,” Liukin wrote. “Women are always being told to pick a lane. In Livvy’s case, she should ‘stick to gymnastics.’ Who is to say we can’t have multiple interests, multiple passions?”

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Olivia Dunne was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico.

Olivia Dunne was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico.

Liukin added that while Dunne faces a great deal of scrutiny for her seven-figure salary as a result of sponsorships and brand deals for her name, image and likeness (NIL), it should be seen instead as an inspiration for young girls. Dunne is forging a new path for women, specifically female athletes, who don’t always have the security of “going pro.” Dunne is proving that you really can do it all. 

“Livvy is out there putting in the work (and she’s a great gymnast). She’s creating multiple pieces of content a day, engaging with her audience, building trust and cultivating a platform of potential consumers for brands,” Liukin added. “That is a huge commodity, one she’s developing while essentially holding down another job: being a college athlete, which requires not only skill but also a tremendous time commitment. When an opportunity arises, you take advantage, because you’ve worked your whole life to put yourself in this position.”

Olivia Dunne was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico.

Olivia Dunne was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico.

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