Gabriella Halikas Shares Powerful Advice About Body Trends: ‘Confidence Is Never Out of Style’

The Swim Search finalist appeared on comedian Hannah Berner’s podcast.
Gabriella Halikas.

Gabriella Halikas.

Gabriella Halikas made an appearance on comedian Hannah Berner’s podcast, Berning In HellThe Swim Search model shared some important and hard-hitting advice on the Wednesday episode titled, “Body Trends & Believing In Yourself.”

“I always tell people, ‘Don’t let your body be a trend because you’ll never win,’” Halikas said, adding that “constantly trying to keep up with a trend that’s ever-changing” is impossible.

She continued to explain that people will never be able to keep up with what’s popular, and changing your body to fit trends that cycle through pop culture and society so quickly simply isn’t worth it.

“You done cracked the code,” one fan commented.

“Spitting FACTS!!!” another gushed.

“BBLs were in a few years ago, now they’re not. [Now] Ozempic is in. Everyone wants to lose weight,” she explained. “Guess what, in a year, it’s going to be the girl with like the bushy eyebrows or it’s gonna be the gap tooth and then it’s going to be this and that, or really tall girls are in with the shorter torso... It’s like you’ll never f------ win.”

Each week on the podcast, Berner interviews comedians, reality TV stars, entrepreneurs and content creators with glamorous lifestyles about their candid thoughts on internet culture.

“I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women that are uncomfortable in their body, and you can sense it,” Berner added. “You wonder like, ‘Damn, how did we get to this point?’”

Halikas, the self-proclaimed “CEO of confidence” agreed with the sentiment.

“Confidence is never out of style,” the two said in sync.

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