Here are Gigi Robinson’s Top Insights for Fellow Content Creators

Speaking from experience, we believe this advice is worth heeding.
Gigi Robinson poses in a knit dress and a soft wave and smiles for the camera.

Gigi Robinson.

Though it wouldn’t have been imaginable as recent as 10 years ago, content creation has become a formidable force in the current career landscape. From TikTok fame to creative pursuits that rely on social media platforms to gain traction, every industry has, in part, been impacted by a rise in content creation.

As an entrepreneur, podcast host and children’s book author, Gigi Robinson knows a thing or two about what it takes to make it in this sort of landscape. And she wants to share her findings with content creators everywhere.

With that in mind, she took to her Instagram to share some key insights from a recent Columbia Business School panel that she sat on. It was a conversation that revolved around “scaling as a creator and brand, monetization, and the future,” she explained in the caption of her post.

From discussions with “100 academics and industry leaders from around the world about the future of the creator economy” and the panel conversation to draw from, Robinson developed the following four insights:

Top tips for content creators

1. “Don’t wait until you are ready, just start now!”

2. “Relationship building is essential for your success.”

3. “Qualitative data is the most important to inform account growth and trends.”

4. “Monetization looks different for every creator!”

5. “Personal branding is the key to longevity as a creator.”

Built on her own experience as a content creator, we have no doubt that Robinson’s insights are well-worth heeding. So, if you're in the business of creation, look no further for the advice necessary to grow your brand.

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Martha Zaytoun


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