Hailey Bieber Relies on This Popular Trend to Ease Anxiety, Boost Overall Mood

The entrepreneur and model divulged part of her wellness routine on TikTok.
Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber.

We love when celebs get candid about their mental health, and Hailey Bieber did just that in a recent TikTok video. The Rhode founder and creative director divulged that she has experienced positive mental health benefits from regular cold plunges.

In the clip she posted Sunday, the 26-year-old model hovered over a tub of ice cold water in a navy blue string bikini before submerging herself. She noted in the on-screen text that she stays in the water for a minimum of 30 seconds. Bieber then dunked her head underwater and hopped out.

“back with another cold plunge series. cold plunging has helped me a lot with anxiety and overall mood. 💙,” she explained further in her caption.

“I need to do this right away because my anxiety is through the roof,” one of Bieber’s 10.8 million followers on the platform admitted.

“you are glowingggg I could never cold plunge 😭😭,” someone else observed.

“That’s so good for the body and the skin too,” another person noted of the practice.

“No because I’d be screaming like a psycho going into cold water and you look flawless,” one fan quipped.

Bieber previously gave her fans a glimpse at her cold plunge routine in late May, which also included a sauna sweat session.

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