Heidi Klum Delivers Her ‘Best Costume Yet’ (Hint: It Was Slimy)

Like every year, makeup, prosthetics and months of planning were involved.
Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum.

The queen of Halloween has done it again.

Heidi Klum dressed up as a worm this Halloween. She made eager fans wait until her Oct. 31 Halloween party to find out what her costume was, but in sneaky Klum fashion, the America’s Got Talent judge shared some teasers in the day and hours leading up to the big reveal.

Her costume involved a giant textured worm suit with a curved head and tail that trailed behind. There was a small opening about a quarter of the way down the suit for her face to peek out. Makeup artists even added products and prosthetics to seamlessly blend her face into the bordering suit—only her eyes and mouth were visible, and she was completely unrecognizable.

“Happy Halloworm! 🪱 love, @heidiklum” Amazon Prime, who partnered with Klum, captioned the post.

Her hubby Tom Kaulitz dressed up as a fisherman, making her his bait. After a two-year hiatus, Klum’s iconic A-list Halloween bash was back and the host herself obviously had to return with a bang. Klum definitely delivered.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz on the red carpet at the Klum’s annual Halloween Party at Sake No Hana at Moxy LES.

As she has in the past, Klum worked with Mike Marino on the prosthetics. She shared a “behind the squeams and screams” video on Instagram, showing the process. The tube was made and then spray-painted with detail to resemble a worm’s splotchy brown shades. To get inside the costume, Klum had to put the top half over her head and the bottom half had to be screwed on after.

“Was this one of the hardest yet?” she asks someone from her team who is working on the costume. “I don’t know if you saw the news but I’ve been telling everyone that this is going to be the craziest one yet.“

Klum told SI Lifestyle that this worm costume was her first idea, and no others were even in the running. “I wanted to do something really unique and different than costumes from past years. My special FX makeup artist Mike Marino had suggested other options, but I was very decisive. Once I make my mind up, that is it!”

The Making the Cut star began hosting her annual Oct. 31 party in 2001 and has had an equally creative and perfectly executed costume each year since. 

“I only have one look, and I’m going to be very claustrophobic in it,” she revealed to E! News on Sept. 10, estimating that it would take 14 hours to pull off the costume. “And I think—I don’t think, I KNOW, that it will be the best one I’ve ever done.”

She posted a video on June 23, when the preparation for “Heidiween” began and she had her first fitting for the costume. With such a well-planned and elaborate costume, it only makes sense that she would start getting ready months in advance. 

Heidi Klum, you have outdone yourself.

Ananya Panchal


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