Actress Jessica Biel Reveals Unusual Shower Habit, and Fans Have Questions

The ‘Candy’ star shared her best tips for eating and drinking while bathing.
Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel.

In late December, actress Jessica Biel made a quirky admission: she loves to eat and drink in the shower. Plenty of her TikTok followers immediately had questions, and the 41-year-old mom of two got around to answering the most pressing one earlier this week: how to do it without getting shower water in said food or drink.

“Guys, thanks for all these questions about shower eating,” Biel began her response. “I’m just so thrilled everyone is so interested. I really wanna, you know, start a movement—a shower eating movement—I think for people who are multitasking, it’s just gonna be such a huge relief in so many ways.”

The Candy star then went on to explain her “rules” of shower eating: “a ledge is really helpful” for items like yogurt or a coffee cup, and you must chew with your mouth closed to avoid letting shower water in.

“I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge,” Biel explained. “And then, you know, you do your thing, you wash your hair, keep the soap out, that’s a big deal. It’s pretty simple, guys. You can do this. I find it deeply satisfying.”

A few fans then chimed in to the comments section to concur that they’re not above enjoying a shower snack or beverage.

“Currently eating a bag of Doritos in the bath while watching this 👌,” one person noted.

“I mean I drink 🍷 in the bath so to each their own,” someone else shared.

“Tub eating for life,” another user added. “Popcorn, ice cream or Chinese is my fav.”

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