Julia Fox Pairs Low-Rise Leather Mini Skirt With Funky Top Made Entirely of Ties

The actress is known for being a fashion icon and never shying away from bold and viral looks.
Julia Fox.

Julia Fox.

Julia Fox is known for setting trends, or at the very least coming up with unique ways to style an outfit. The Uncut Gems star stepped out in Los Angeles on May 9 in a low-rise leather mini skirt. She paired the dainty bottom with a funky top made completely out of menswear neck ties. Each tie faced the opposite direction of the previous one and they were all combined into a tube top style. One tie was slung over her shoulder as a strap. 

Fox completed the look with a small textured silver purse, an Army green blazer, matching platform heels and brown-tinted vintage sunglasses.

Julia Fox.

Julia Fox.

Fox has cemented herself as a fashion icon, and while some people love her eccentric, unique style, others simply don’t understand it. One thing is for sure: everyone’s talking about it.

“It comes so naturally to me. [It’s] like ‘don’t give that girl a stage’ because I’ll just run with it,” the 33-year-old said in an interview with Variety about the pressure to one-up each of her viral fashion moments. “I’m having so much fun. I don’t wanna sound like, cocky or anything, but it really feels natural. Maybe that means something: that I’m so unfazed.”

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