Kate Bock Swears by These Rules to Get a Quality Night’s Sleep

When it comes to getting the best rest, your diet matters.
Kate Bock

Kate Bock.

Kate Bock is sharing her tried and true diet tips for sleeping better, and we’ll take all the help we can get in that department to achieve better rest.

The SI Swimsuit model and entrepreneur offered up her advice for better quality sleep in an Instagram Reel, saying that while she relies on her Oura Ring fitness tracker to optimize her overall well-being, she’s noticed that her diet significantly impacts her sleep. Specifically, she says that eating a light dinner earlier in the evening provides her with the best quality sleep.

“For me to get the best quality sleep, I definitely notice the earlier I eat, the better,” Bock said in her post. “I try to have dinner at around 6 p.m., [and] I try to keep dinner light.”

She added that fish and veggies is a go-to dinner meal, while she saves carb-heavy dishes for earlier in the day so they don’t interfere with her sleep.

“Eat light and eat earlier so you give yourself time to digest before you go to sleep,” Bock said. “That will give you an amazing night‘s sleep.”

Bock, who is married to Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love, said that she knows having an early and consistent dinnertime isn’t always easy, since she and her husband often don’t get home from a game until well after 11 p.m. or midnight.

When eating an early dinner isn’t realistic for your lifestyle, she suggests keeping things light by enjoying a vegan meal on the nights you’re eating a late dinner.

“On those nights… I try to eat vegan,” Bock said. “Eating vegan is much easier to digest. Meats are much more difficult to digest, so when I eat late, I eat vegan and try to keep it light [and] still satisfying but without any meats and [with] lots of veggies.”

In addition to eating an early dinner, Bock told mindbodygreen that working out regularly during the day, avoiding alcohol and skipping red meat are also tactics that help her get better sleep.

“Taking baths in the evening has been a great new habit for me,” she also told the outlet. “That's my time to unwind, and I really notice that it relaxes my muscles and helps me sleep a lot deeper.”

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