Kate Upton Is Killing It in the Gym With the ‘Most Hated Exercise in Existence’

The model’s personal trainer, Ben Bruno, is one of her biggest fans.

Kate Upton in Fiji.

Kate Upton is once again proving that she’s a beast in the gym. The three-time SI Swimsuit cover model is always challenging herself to be the best she can be. Her trainer, Ben Bruno, can always be counted on for motivation and support. His latest IG post features a video of Upton doing a set of weighted split squats as he cheers her on and counts her down.

@kateupton is killing it! Rear foot elevated split squats are probably the most hated exercise in existence because they’re so hard,” Bruno captioned the Jan. 25 post. “The only thing worse is rear foot elevated split squats holding two heavy kettlebells in the front-rack position. But the hard exercises you hate doing are generally the ones that work the best, so we’ve been doing them almost every week for the last year. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

Upton wore dark green leggings with a white stripe down the side paired with a white tank top and black sneakers. Her blonde hair was tied up into a ponytail and she placed one foot on the bench behind her. The 30-year-old completed a set of seven single-leg squats while holding a 25-pound weight in each hand.

“Kate is making 50 pounds look easy, but anyone who has ever tried this knows it’s NOT easy,” Bruno continued.  “She’s found ‘the secret’ in the gym: consistent hard work over time. I love it.”

Bruno’s A-list client list also includes Phil Rosenthal, Chelsea Handler and Genie Bouchard.

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Ananya Panchal


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