Kate Upton’s Trainer Asked Fans to Name Her Full-Body Exercise, and the Answers Are Hilarious

The supermodel and Ben Bruno have been working together for several years.
Kate Upton.

Kate Upton.

Kate Upton’s trainer, Ben Bruno, is back with another phenomenal workout video of the supermodel. He shared a clip of the 30-year-old wearing a matching blue-and-white tie dye leggings and sports bra set doing an unnamed back exercise.

“This nifty exercise truly works the entire back side of the body, all with very little stress on the joints,” Bruno wrote under a joint Instagram post Thursday. “We’ve been doing it for 10+ years without knowing what to call it, so whoever comes up with the best name in the comments wins a prize.”

Fans and followers did not disappoint and left their clever suggestions in the comments, including: “the muscle Upton,” “Upton funk,” “the pull-Upton,” “Kate ups,” “giddy ups” and “whip row.”

“Reminds me of a human ‘bop it’ of sorts,” someone wrote. “Pull it, curl it, row it, thrust it- you got it 🎶!”

“What’s the problem,” another asked, jokingly. “Why not just a ‘Feet Elevated Pronated Grip Bilateral Pull Through with Glue Bridge Isometric?’ Seems easy enough no?”

Bruno explained the muscle groups that the exercise employs and noted that although the mom of one might “make it look easy,” it’s rather difficult for most.

“From an upper-body standpoint, it starts off as a pull-up but turns into an inverted row at the top,” he explained. “From a lower-body standpoint, it starts off as a leg curl but turns into a hip thrust at the top. So, a whole lotta good things happening here. Plus it gets the heart rate up like crazy, too.”

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