Katie Austin’s Expert Advice on Entrepreneurship: ‘Failure Is a Good Thing’

The fitness influencer and her mother, Denise Austin, were featured on an episode of Katrina Scott’s podcast.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

We love seeing SI Swimsuit models come together, so we jumped for joy when we learned 2022 co-Rookie of the Year Katie Austin was a special guest on Katrina Scott’s podcast.

After taking a break for a few months following the birth of her daughter, Scott brought her podcast, Live Beautifully with Katrina Scott, back with two stellar guests. Austin and her mother, fitness guru Denise Austin, were featured on the Jan. 24 episode. 

The trio discussed breaking barriers in the fitness industry, and Austin—a certified fitness trainer and health coach—offered up some amazing advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Scott shared a snippet of the discussion on Instagram, while asking her 429,000 followers to pipe in with their own experience.

“When I asked Katie’s best advice for entrepreneurs… she shared this. 👆🏼,” Scott wrote in her caption. “I’d love to hear from you below- share a time that you failed, but it turned into the greatest lesson. You never know who is reading and if she needs to hear your story today.”

Austin shared that failure is a key part of business success.

“No. 1, failing is a good thing. [Nike cofounder] Phil Knight said [something along the lines of], ‘Fail fast and fail early,’” Austin shared. “And it’s good to fail because then you learn from your mistakes and every single failure is a lesson.”

The fitness influencer stated that she created two fitness apps before starting the Katie Austin App, and at one point, she had four YouTube channels and three different podcasts. Austin said that whenever she experienced a quote-unquote failure, she got back up again and started over.

“I learned from what I did wrong and I reassessed what I needed to do, so every single failure was actually a good thing,” Austin added.

Her second piece of entrepreneurial advice was to stay true to who you are.

“My mom has always instilled that in me,” Austin advised. “And what my dad has really taught me is longevity of a career... Longevity is the most important thing. Making sure that whatever wavers around you doesn’t waver you.”

Followers chimed in with their feedback, thanking Austin for sharing her wisdom.

“Love hearing how life is constantly reassessing and moving forward. This is definitely a lesson that needed to be taught to many of us to remember to keep going!! Love it 🥰,” wrote one person.

“What a powerhouse trio! Amazing episode! ❤️❤️❤️,” added another fan.

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