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Start Your Day With Katie Austin’s Energy-Packed Routine Essentials

The SI Swimsuit model offered up ideas to spark a productive morning.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

Fitness influencer Katie Austin shared her current a.m. routine in the hopes of helping others streamline their own mornings.

“Here are my current nonnegotiables in the morning to have the best energy and the best attitude all day long,” Austin stated in a Jan. 24 Instagram clip.

The 2022 SI Swimsuit co-Rookie of the Year said she starts her day off with some movement. Specifically, she does seven minutes of stretching before 7 a.m.

“Then I prep any food that I need to make my day easier,” Austin said. “I get in some direct sunlight, I get dressed, and I know it seems like an old trend, but I’m really on a lemon water kick lately. There’s so many health benefits, especially in the morning.”

A “huge nonnegotiable” in Austin’s a.m. routine is squeezing in some exercise. She shared that she uses her own Katie Austin App for a quick and streamlined workout.

“Even for me, it’s just so easy to press play and follow along so I don’t even have to think,” she said. 

Austin’s app has hundred of exercise videos, from HIIT to strength training to Pilates and more, so workout buffs can find exactly what they’re looking for on any given day.

“To get motivated [for your workout] in the morning, you guys can choose anywhere between a 10-minute workout to a 45-minute workout,” she said of her app’s offerings.

Lastly, Austin shared she finds “a little spark of joy” in small things, like a particular coffee or tea mug.

“Finding a little spark of joy, like... my happy mug, can really change your attitude for the entire day,” she suggested. “So go get ’em, sista!”

In the caption of her post, Austin asked her followers to share any must-haves from their own morning routines. 

“EVERY morning i try to meditate - 15 minutes journal - 1 page, about anything on my mind play - 30 minutes on the guitar usually move - sometimes its just a 30 min walk mentally it has been a HUGE game changer 💯,” wrote one person. 

“Making my bed 🙌🏻,” responded another, while an additional fan added, “Love these! 🤎 Mine is going for morning walks.”

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