Fitness Trainer Katrina Scott’s Inspirational Advice for Navigating Tough Times

The two-time SI Swimsuit model shared some thoughtful insight on IG.
Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott.

Tone It Up cofounder Katrina Scott regularly provides uplifting and thought-provoking content with her followers, whether on Instagram or through her podcast, Live Beautifully.

The two-time SI Swimsuit model did just that in a recent IG post in which she mused about the advice she would give her younger self when it comes to moving through life with grace.

Scott shared a video montage of herself on the beach, backtracked to an audio clip in which a woman stated, “I think I would tell her that the thing she is scared of is gonna change her whole life.”

“We all get stuck… and then sometimes we’re given no other choice but to choose a peaceful path,” she wrote in her caption. “I just want you to know that you can do things with courage in your heart and love in your soul.”

The mom of two encouraged her followers to “Choose courage. Choose you.”

She later added, “There’s always a greater plan that we may not understand in the moment, but it will make sense in the future— your heart will be at peace and your mind will be rested. Hold onto that 💫.”

The inspirational messaging resonated with several of Scott’s 431,000 followers, who shared similar sentiments in the comments.

“I would tell her to be tough but don’t let it harden you!!” one person wrote. “It’s ok to be soft sometimes too. 💕.”

“I don’t know how you always manage to send the most perfect reminders in my worst of days,” someone else added. “You are a truly magical woman ✨❤️.”

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