Lauren Chan Reminds ‘Goal-Oriented Girlies’ to Be Proud of Their Accomplishments in Inspiring Message

The model has a note for everyone who doesn’t take the time to appreciate their own achievements.
Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan.

Last April, Universal Standard acquired Lauren Chan’s size-inclusive luxury women’s wear label, Henning.  It was a big moment for Chan, who just admitted that she met the announcement with tears of joy and an immense pride in her hard work. But she also met it with her typical “goal-oriented” attitude, which pushed her to move past her accomplishment and onto the next task far more quickly than she should have.

In honor of nearing the one-year anniversary of the partnership, the SI Swimsuit model took to Instagram to share an inspiring message, and to encourage other “goal-oriented girlies” to slow down and appreciate their wins along the way.

“If you’re like me, you blow past all of the wins in your life, all of the highlights,” Chan remarked in the video she shared to her platform. “[You] move on really, really quickly to the next set of goals, and, of course, all of the anxiety that comes with that.”

While that’s a common tendency, and one that Chan herself struggles with, it doesn’t have to be—and, in fact, it shouldn’t be. That was the whole point of her video. To provide “a moment for you to slow down with me, be grateful, reflect, be proud of yourself and be present,” she said. “Get to work later. It can wait.”

With the simple message, the former fashion writer and editor did it again: she left us inspired and in complete awe.

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Martha Zaytoun


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