Lindsey Vonn Returns to the Site of Vancouver Olympics Gold Medal, Reflects on the Achievement

The former pro skier just headed to Whistler for the first time since her 2010 win there.
Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn.

Lindsey Vonn competed in a total of four Winter Olympic games during her illustrious professional alpine skiing career. She took the podium during two of the four (in 2010 and 2018), but at only one did she take the coveted gold medal. In 2010, at the Vancouver Olympics, the 39-year-old stood at the top of the podium and was awarded one of the highest honors in sports for her performance in the women’s downhill competition.

The race took place in Whistler, British Columbia, home to the beautiful ski resort that Vonn will always remember fondly. Despite her appreciation for the spot, the former pro hadn’t returned to the site of her Olympic gold until just recently. But, when she did, it brought back a lot of fond reflections.

“My first time to Whistler since I won the Olympics there in 2010!!!” Vonn wrote in an Instagram caption following a recent trip back to the mountain. “The fog was so thick I could barely find the trail… but I found it!!… It just looks a little different than I remember it… quite a lot less people and not nearly as much snow… but the rings are still there! Brought back a lot of memories… of my first time making the trip when I was 12 for the Whistler Cup with my Dad and of course the Olympics with my Mom and family. A lot of memories… and man, how time flies!”

The gold medal win was, undoubtedly, a highlight of Vonn’s incredibly impressive career, which we were sorry to see come to an end in 2019 with her retirement. But, needless to say, her retirement was well-deserved.

Martha Zaytoun


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