Why Mady Dewey Chose to Delete This Popular Social Platform

The content creator and SI Swimsuit model is taking a break from TikTok.
Mady Dewey

Mady Dewey.

Marketer and content creator Mady Dewey recently deleted her TikTok account off her phone, and opened up about her choice to take a break from the video-based platform on Instagram.

On Monday, she shared an IG story full of feedback from her 11,500 followers who supported her decision to leave the trendy social media platform. “my story yesterday re: deleting tiktok lead to so many great convos about social media, boundaries and burnout,” Dewey wrote atop messages from her fans.

The SI Swimsuit model, who is head of product marketing at Try Your Best, co-created Herd in 2020, a metric-less social media app designed to connect users who share similar interests. While she’s no longer with the app, she noted in her story that the platform was trying to solve the exact problem so many people have with social media today.

“Over 80,000 people used the platform, but we couldn’t successfully close our next funding round, which is needed to grow a consumer social platform (2% of VC funds went to women last year). We were told so many times by VC funds that herd was not fundable because in order for social media to work, it needed to be a ‘painkiller not a vitamin’ (aka addictive),” she wrote. “I’ve had a hard time opening up about herd, because the outcome makes me mad/sad. But I share this to remind you that social platforms are designed to make us feel worse, to keep us hooked. Setting boundaries is crucial, but change on a larger level is needed. Not just with how platforms are designed, but how they are funded.”

While we’ll miss her informative updates on the platform, we respect Dewey’s choice to step away from TikTok for the time being.

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