Mady Dewey’s Top 3 Tips for Women Traveling for Work

The SI Swimsuit rookie and content creator is often on-the-go for her job.
Mady Dewey

Mady Dewey.

As a marketing professional and content creator, Mady Dewey often finds herself traveling for her job. After working as the product marketing manager for creators at Discord, the SI Swimsuit rookie recently joined Try Your Best, where she now serves as head of product marketing, 

No matter what role she’s held down throughout her career thus far, Dewey revealed on TikTok that there are a few things in particular she prioritizes while on-the-go for work.

“It comes down to three things: maintaining habits, maintaining balance and maintaining boundaries,” Dewey explained in her clip, which she filmed from a work excursion in Denver.

She noted that while in Colorado, she’s choosing to stick to healthy habits like creating content, exercising and meeting a friend for dinner. Regarding balance, the Swim Search winner shared that if she knows she’s going to be attending a work happy hour, she’ll make sure to fuel herself with nutritious foods beforehand. As for boundaries, Dewey is adamant about prioritizing work-life balance.

“For example, I worked this morning for two hours on the plane at 6 a.m.,” she stated. “I’m going to find those two hours back for myself, because if you don’t rest, you burn out.”

The model and tech entrepreneur often shares her life lessons and tips with her social media following, and will now also provide them directly to our SI Lifestyle audience. Dewey’s new column, Dews & Don’ts, details what she has learned navigating her relationships, career and well-being in her twenties. Read the first one, about self-promotion for women, here.

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