Here are Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s 8 Biggest Pieces of Life Advice in Honor of Her Upcoming 41st Birthday

The workout and wellness leader offered up the top life tips that she has learned over the years.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in a black and silver sequined dress and smiles slightly for the camera.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is turning 41 next week. In honor of her big day, she took to her TikTok to share some of the biggest life lessons she’s learned over the years.

Without further ado, here are the best pieces of advice that she can offer, crafted from years of personal experience.

1. “No one knows you like you.”

According to the workout and wellness leader, you shouldn’t let anyone else "tell you who you are.” The underlying message is clear: Be yourself, and don’t let others dictate how you show up.

2. “Listen to that inner voice, that inner calling.”

If your intuition is encouraging you to pursue something, follow it. “Your gut” is “trying to guide you somewhere,” she said. “Don’t deny it.”

3. “You can be anything that you freaking want.”

Anything you set your mind to is yours for the taking. “Never let anyone put you in a ... box,” she urged.

4. “You can change your mind over and over and over again.”

There’s nothing more to it. If you decide you’re on the wrong path, then pivot. Heed her advice, which is to listen to that inner voice and shift accordingly.

5. “Learn to love yourself.”

The first step in “looking for love,” is learning how to appreciate yourself. “Nurture [yourself] every single day,” she said. “Do all the work in the world to look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself that you love yourself.”

6. “Let go with love all the people in your life who suck.”

It might sound harsh, but sometimes you need to let go of the people who are bringing you down. But “it doesn’t have to be in a mean way,” Wood-Tepperberg expressed. “Sometimes people are meant to be in our life for certain seasons, to teach us something, so never look at anything as a waste of time.”

7. “Stay true to yourself.”

Like a few of the others, this one pertains to living your most authentic life. “Be who you are,” she encouraged. “That is what is your magnet and your magic and your life. Focus on what is in front of you.”

8. “Never give up on you.”

We’re here for a reason, according to the MWH founder. “So keep going, never give up, keep your head down, do the work [and] don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s journey.”

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