Mia Kang Shows Off Glowy Skin, Shares Important Message About Looking at Photos of Yourself

The Muay Thai fighter loves a good Instagram photo dump.
Mia Kang.

Mia Kang.

Mia Kang is back with another sweet and quirky Instagram photo collage. The Muay Thai fighter, who was featured in back-to-back SI Swimsuit issues in 2016 and ’17, posted a carousel full of selfies, videos with friends, affirmations, food and other random bits and pieces from her recent daily life.

“Lessons & nudez,” she captioned the post she shared with her 283,000 followers on July 3.

The cover snapshot was a stunning car selfie in which Kang wore a baggy Jay-Z graphic T-shirt and showed off her bare face and clear, glowy skin. She posed with one arm resting on the window supporting her head. In a later photo, she showed off some half-done funky glam by makeup artist Christyna Kay. In another slide, Kang included some delicious pork ramen.

The final photo was a screenshot of a post originally shared by Tory Stroker, titled “How to not hate photos of yourself.”

The dietician’s advice is as follows:

  • Be aware of when the negative self talk is starting!
  • Remember the intention of why the photo was taken in the first place.
  • Remember how you were feeling when the photo was taken.
  • Find one thing that’s great in the photo captured.
  • Don’t do the zoom in and look critically at your body as tempting as that is. It’s not nice!
  • If you’re spiraling about the photo, be mindful of how long you’re looking at photos—and choose to move on.
  • Get in the pictures even if you’re not loving your body right now—you’ll look back and be so glad the memory was captured.

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Ananya Panchal


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