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Mom-to-Be Emily DiDonato Gets Candid About Pregnancy Weight Gain

The SI Swimsuit model is currently expecting her second child.
Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato.

Emily DiDonato is soon-to-be a mom of two. The SI Swimsuit model is currently expecting her second child with her husband, Kyle Peterson.

The 31-year-old spoke openly about pregnancy weight gain in a Jan. 13 TikTok and shared her experience in hopes of helping other women.

“I’ve been a model for over 10 years, and I gained about 35 pounds during my first pregnancy,” DiDonato said in a voiceover, referencing her experience with daughter Teddy, whom she and Peterson welcomed in November 2021.

She added that it “wasn’t easy” to watch her body change at the time.

“I worked out every single day my first pregnancy and I tried to eat so healthy, but I still gained the weight,” she said. 

DiDonato also noted that she didn’t experience the “bounce back” she was anticipating after putting in “all that work” maintaining her figure.

“I remember being so annoyed with my body while working out while I was pregnant the first time because I felt so big and so much less agile and so much less fit, and I judged myself for it every single day,” she said. 

DiDonato expressed frustration that it took “so long” for her body to bounce back after pregnancy and that she often compared her journey to that of her peers and fellow models. It took the Covey cofounder eight months to lose the baby weight and she then got pregnant again at nine months postpartum.

“I had about a month’s worth of fitting into my jeans again,” she joked.

DiDonato noted that things are different this time around.

“This pregnancy, I’ve been working out a lot less and honestly I’ve been kinda eating whatever, whenever, and I’ve gained a lot less weight,” she said. 

DiDonato said that with her second pregnancy, she’s just letting her body “do its thing” and is not fighting the process as much as she did the first time around.

“I’m not judging [my body] or beating it up or criticizing it and it’s just been a lot more peaceful this time around,” she said. 

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