Olivia Dunne Teases Fans With Boyfriend Reveal on TikTok

The NCAA athlete sent her 7.2 million followers into a frenzy in the comment section.
Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne knows how to tease her fans. The NCAA athlete took to TikTok, a platform where she has 7.2 million followers, to answer the internet’s most pressing request: a boyfriend reveal.

The Feb. 21 video was set to a song that started with a slow, melodic, romantic beat and then transitioned to a quirky comedic sound. Dunne began the video with her arms stretched out as if her boyfriend was going to run into the frame and hug her. When the music, created by TikTok user @itspeytondobbs, switched themes, Dunne turned around and started dancing in a funny way.

“bf reveal!!!!!,” read the on-screen text, while Dunne wrote, “he’s just a little shy I swear #foryou #bf,” as the caption.

The post garnered 5.4 million views in less than two days. The 20-year-old wore a white baggy crewneck and gray spandex shorts. Her blonde locks were thrown into a messy updo with a claw clip.

“Should have told me you were recording,” one fan joked.

“honestly best dancing i have seen on this app,” another added.

“I can be that person that hugs you,” someone quipped.

“I volunteer as tribute 🖐️,” another chimed.

Dunne’s recent video was likely sparked by all the chatter from her Valentine’s Day content.

Last week, the New Jersey native shared a flirty video of herself in a black mini-dress and heels on the platform. She held a bouquet of roses and looked ready for a date with makeup and jewelry on.

“What are you doing? If you want to make out with me, just ask,” she lip-synced to an audio clip from the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

“be mine:)” she wrote under the Feb. 14 post.

On Instagram, Dunne shared a sweet carousel post of herself in a white top and skirt workout set from Vuori, a brand for which she is an ambassador.

“he loves me…he loves me not,” she captioned the trio of photos shared with her 3.7 million IG fans. Dunne held a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and ran her hands through her curled hair.

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