Olivia Ponton Gets Vulnerable On TikTok and Teases a New Upcoming Project

The TikTok star led her fans through a journaling session on the platform.
Olivia Ponton.

Olivia Ponton.

Olivia Ponton has declared 2023 the year of reflection and self-love. The TikTok star took her 7.9 million followers through a midnight journaling session filled with nighttime tea and prompts from a kit by We Are Not Really Strangers.

“Hi friends,” the 20-year-old said as she started the video by opening the journal. “I feel like it’s a good time to self-reflect. It says, ’Inside we’re all the same,’ and if you really look at life, we are all the same.”

The Self-Reflection Kit ($25) came with a blank notebook that read, “Get to know yourself on a deeper level,” a pen and 52 cards with journal entry ideas.

“I can definitely see my morals changing, especially in the past few weeks. How I’ve been looking at life has altered,” the SI Swimsuit model continued, hinting at a potential podcast in the pipeline. “I’m coming out with something that involves talking very soon, and I feel like some of these topics might actually be a perfect episode.“

The Florida native sifted through the cards and read various prompts as she invited fans to answer any that piqued their interest.

“What do I keep doing that keeps hurting? Why do I keep repeating this behavior?” Ponton read off a card. “When do I feel the most helpful to others?”

“What did the people who raised me teach me about love? What lessons do I want to keep? What do I want to change?” she read another card from the deck. “How would I describe my relationship with myself in one word?”

Ponton finally settled on a card that read, “Are any of my insecurities hurting anyone else by accident?” She added that she could probably “write an essay” on that.

“I think one big insecurity that I deal with a lot is obviously like sexuality, and kind of like the dating-implemented things that are in my life,“ she candidly explained. “I feel like I hurt a lot of people because I don’t know what I want. So therefore I go and I want everything because I always like to over-prepare than not be prepared. That’s not fair, and I know that. I’m really trying to work on that right now. I’m in therapy twice a week. So I guess I’m insecure about love in every aspect.”

Ponton began regularly posting on TikTok at the start of the pandemic and is now a full-time influencer and model. She’s also a proud member of the LGBTQ community and advocates for young people who identify as queer.

Fans chimed in to the comments of the TikTok saying they love this version of Ponton and expressed excitement over a potential podcast.

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