Paige Spiranac Weighs in on Controversial Team Speech Made by Deion Sanders

The former pro golfer is in support of Sanders’s team announcement.

Paige Spiranac is speaking out and sharing her thoughts on the University of Colorado’s new football coach, Deion Sanders. The former pro golfer reacted to Sanders’s recent remarks, stating that she’s here for his honesty.

“He came in, he addressed the team and he said, ‘You know what guys, some of your positions are already filled, I’m bringing my luggage with me, if you don’t work hard or you don’t like it, there’s the transfer portal,’ and honestly, I love the transparency,” Spiranac said in a Twitter video.

Sanders, who was lured by Colorado from Jackson State University last weekend, is under fire for remarks he made in his first speech to his new team, basically telling his players to go elsewhere.

“We got a few positions already taken care of because I’m bringing my luggage with me… I’m coming, and when I get here, there’s gonna be change, so I want ya’ll to get ready to go ahead and jump in that [transfer] portal and do whatever you gonna get because the more of you [who] jump in, the more room you make,” Sanders said in his speech.

Spiranac, who was a Division I golfer at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, said that shortly after she signed her National Letter of Intent, her school switched coaches.

“In that moment, I should have transferred immediately,” Spiranac said. “Head coaches come in [and] they like a certain type of athlete, they recruit a certain type of athlete, and if you just don’t fit the mold, like tough luck.”

She went on to say that Sanders’s honesty allows athletes enough time to think about their options and to transfer if they so choose.

“I love the move. What I don’t love is making your son [Shedeur Sanders] the head quarterback,” added Spiranac, asking her followers to weigh in on their thoughts in the comments section.

“I agree with you Paige! I like that he is transparent. However, I would have a hard time if I were the QB and the coach decided to put his own son in over me. He should have to earn it! Nobody ever gave me anything I had to bust ass for everything I have!” said one follower.

Another piped in, “Neon Deon has a history of making things work so he’ll do well. His son at QB? I don’t believe Deon would put him there if he didn’t think he could lead the team and both of them will be under the gun to make it work.”

Spiranac is often outspoken about hot topics in the sports world, from publicly supporting LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne to speaking out against double standards in sports.

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