Look: More Photos of Taylor Swift, Kylie Kelce and Brittany Mahomes Bonding Just Surfaced

The pop sensation has made some fast friends throughout the current NFL season.
Taylor Swift, Kylie Kelce and Brittany Mahomes

Taylor Swift, Kylie Kelce and Brittany Mahomes.

Not only has this NFL season seen the making of a new celebrity couple—we’re talking Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, of course—but it has brought about several new and notable friendships, too. The pop sensation has officially joined the ranks of women in the boxes at NFL games, cheering on their partners as they take to the field.

Throughout the fall and winter, Swift formed friendships with a handful of other Kansas City Chiefs supporters, including the wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie Brittany Mahomes. And late last month, the pop star solidified another important friendship. 

At the Jan. 21 game between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, Swift had the chance to meet Jason and Kylie Kelce, Travis’s brother and his wife. In a recent Instagram post by Amanda Santa, the wife of Travis’s manager, Aaron Eanes, she shared formerly unreleased photos of the women from various occasions in the box at games together.

“Baby let the games begin 🎲🖤,” Santa captioned the photos.

“Let’s goooooo😎🔥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼,” Brittany commented.

“Let’s goooooo!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻, Travis added.

It appears that these aren’t situational friendships, as they extend beyond the games, too. On several occasions, Swift has been spotted hanging out with Mahomes in non-NFL related scenarios. They have become fast friends, and we have loved seeing their relationship grow. Only time (and Swift’s schedule) will tell if they will take to the stands at Super Bowl LVIII together on Sunday.

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Martha Zaytoun


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