Serena Williams Shares Her Unusual Treatment for Sunburn

The mom of two accidentally soaked up too much sun after using a retinol product.
Serena Williams

Serena Williams.

We’re all for unusual beauty treatments, and 23-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams sure delivered with a recent remedy. The new mom of two revealed on TikTok that she used breast milk to soothe a sunburn.

In the video clip, Williams shared that she suffered an under eye burn after applying a retinol product and going out into the sun.

“I have sensitive skin, so I was in the sun, long story,” she said with a laugh. “Anyway, I’m trying some breast milk. It works for my kid, like they say, ‘put breast milk on everything,’ and I have a lot extra, so I’m going to try for like a week or so under my eye and see how it goes.”

As she patted breast milk onto her under eyes, Williams noted that although it burned, she felt immediate relief.

“Ok is this totally weird???” the retired athlete inquired in her caption. “I have to say after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye - it worked! I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Be nice lol 🙈.”

While a few of Williams’s 1.6 million followers suggested applying her retinol product at night only to avoid sun exposure, others piped in with different advice or feedback.

“Put organic castor oil,” one person offered. “Takes away dark circles and heals at the same time.”

“I was today years old,” someone else added of the breast milk remedy. “Didn’t know.”

“It makes sense to me,” another user noted of the method.

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