SI Swimsuit Model Josephine Skriver Is the First Female Ambassador for Lids

Her collection of embroidery designs with the sports apparel company launches today.
Josephine Skriver in a custom Lids hat.

Josephine Skriver in a custom Lids hat.

Sports headgear and accessories company Lids was founded in 1995 and has never had a female ambassador. That changes today as SI Swimsuit model Josephine Skriver launches a collection with the brand.

Skriver says she has always been a hat person but the experience of walking into the Lids store in Times Square when she first arrived in the U.S. was unmatched.

“Headgear has always been a big part of me, because even when I was a little kid, my grandma used to stitch these outfits that always came with a hat and a dress that was a fully matching set,” the Denmark native explains.

She adds that this “perfect” partnership has been a year in the making and she’s beyond proud and excited to be the first female ambassador to create designs that people can embroider their custom hats with.

“I think the world is finally going away from that stereotypical ‘oh girls don’t know anything [about sports],’” the 29-year-old says. “Just being able to be the face of that and represent that and really just make their voices and my voice even bigger is so much fun.”

Skriver and her husband Alexander DeLeon are both die-hard Raiders fans. The couple got married earlier this year in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and had an additional informal wedding at the NFL team’s home in Las Vegas, Allegiant Stadium.

They are currently remodeling their home and collectively have enough hats to fill a whole wall—Skriver is considering copying the way that Lids stores display them.

Skriver grew up in Denmark as a huge soccer fan. Nine years ago her musician hubby took her to a tailgate in Oakland, and that’s when it was clear to her: “Americans just do it differently.”

“It was the coolest thing,” she adds. “It was like 6 a.m. in the morning. It was cold. But there were cars everywhere, just barbecuing.”

Skriver says she quickly adapted to becoming a Raiders super fan, and the fact that the team’s colors are black and silver—and flattering to wear—was an added bonus.

“I can implement that in my style and fashion is such a big part of my everyday wear as well,” she continues. “Raider Nation just took my heart. I watched every documentary about it. They have a special spirit and they’ve always been a little bit of the black sheep.”

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Skriver’s launch includes 11 personalized designs. Her signature, face, Denmark flag and cats—she has two, named Taka and UJ—were no-brainers. Skriver has been a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and the proud ally flag is something she’s really honored to have added to the Lids collection of two million stitchings.

She also has a wings design—as a nod to her years as a Victoria’s Secret Angel—and her activewear line, JOJA, is represented both by the JOJA logo and the decal of herself doing a yoga pose.

“It took a few days to really just sit and think about what represents me in stitching. It’s a little bit of all different parts of my life,” she explains. “I really was just trying to put down on a piece of paper who I am.”

“I have a lot of ideas in my head, but my husband is super, super creative,” she admitted about her lack of drawing skills. “So he helped me put pen to paper so that the Lids team could understand where my brain was.”

Skriver said she can’t wait to see people wear her designs and expects it to be an “out of body” experience.

“I probably would fangirl and be like ‘Oh my god, can I take a picture of you in that?’”

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