Sixtine Just Tried This Viral TikTok Trend With Her Mystery Boyfriend

The model and her new beau make for an incredibly cute pair.
Sixtine sports a half up-do and smiles over her shoulder at the camera.


While Sixtine has, understandably, been very guarded where her new relationship is concerned, she has shared the most important tidbits with her social media following, and her fans have shown support for the budding romance.

The model began sharing bits and pieces of their relationship in the early days, referring to him as “Hinge boy” on TikTok. And though she has since made things official with him, she has chosen to continue keeping his identity a secret. To “soft launch” the romance, she shared a photo on Instagram of the pair kissing, but kept his face carefully hidden.

The same is true of her most recent TikTok video. Sixtine decided to jump on the sweet trend in which women stand still in the camera frame, while their significant other comes running in from the side and—quite literally—sweeps them off of their feet and spins them around. But she skillfully did so without revealing so much as a peek of her boyfriend’s face.

“the only take where he didnt tackle me like a linebacker,” she captioned the cute clip of the pair.

Like her official soft launch, this latest clip was well-received among her TikTok followers—and for good reason.

“I’m so happy for you 🥹,” one gushed in the comments.

“Wait I’m actually smiling for u right now this is the cutest EVER,” another sweetly added.

We understand perfectly her desire for privacy, and we will, of course, respect it. But we wouldn’t mind more cute content in the near future.

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Martha Zaytoun


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