Sixtine Rouyre Shares Important Self-Love Reminder: ‘Clothes Are Meant to Fit You, Not the Other Way Around’

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie provided another inspiring and honest TikTok.
Sixtine Rouyre was photographed by Yu Tsai in Dominica.

Sixtine Rouyre was photographed by Yu Tsai in Dominica.

Sixtine Rouyre is back with another stunning outfit and inspiring message. The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie took to TikTok to share some candid words about self-love.

“get dressed with me while I share some reminders” read the on-screen text.

The body neutrality influencer wore the Freyja Bodysuit ($118) from Thistle and Spire, paired with a black mini skirt, knee-high platform boots and a black bag.

“You don’t need to ‘wait to be a smaller size’ to start wearing what you want,” the Texas native wrote. “Clothes are meant to fit YOU, not the other way around.”

Rouyre, who was born in Belgium, moved to New York when she was 18 to pursue modeling full time. She attended NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and obtained a degree majoring in a mix of psychology, human rights and politics and minoring in child and adolescent mental health studies.

“being hot isn’t about what you look like, it’s all about confidence,” the 25-year-old continued. “your weight/size does not determine your worth or beauty. there are so many more important things in life than getting thinner.”

“here i am, once again, begging you to stop basing your worth and happiness on your body,” she captioned the post she shared Thursday with her 800,000 followers on the video-based platform.

“don’t waste your life away hating yourself babe,” she finished, addressing her fans. “you’re so much more than your body ❤️.”

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