Sofia Richie Reveals the Person Who First Helped Her Navigate the Public Eye

The fashionista looked to her sister for guidance early on in her career.
Sofia Richie poses with her dirty blonde hair in a blow out and looks at the camera.

Sofia Richie.

Sofia Richie has built a name and a following for herself thanks to her incredible sense of style. In addition to garnering impressive brand collaborations (like Prada and Chanel) in the past year, the burgeoning fashionista is on the verge of launching her own namesake label. According to a recent interview with PORTER, she intends to have a heavy hand in the line, which is slated to debut next year.

Much of her style and understanding of fashion—which has secured her so much clout in the industry—can be attributed to her sister, Nicole Richie. When she was just 15, her sister secured a spot for her in Teen Vogue, a formative experience for her. “I was a young kid, being able to play dress-up and take photos,” she told the outlet. “It was so exciting, so fun.”

That was the just the start of her career in the limelight and, particularly, where the fashion industry was concerned. Under the pressure of her growing fame, she turned again to her sister, a veritable role model for the younger Richie sister.

She understood that, as the daughter of famous parents—including Lionel Richie, of course—and a famous sister, she was in the public eye. At first, she embraced the typical experience. But then “I got to an age–I’m going to say around 20-years-old–where I was like, ‘O.K., this is a reputation I’m going to have [for a long time],” Sofia explained. “Let me go to my older sister, who’s gone down this road, and pick her brain for advice’.”

With Nicole’s help, she developed a clearer strategy where her image and ambitions were concerned. “There were steps that I felt I had to take…,” she said. “Let’s figure out your personal style so that when people think of you, there’s a clear vision of how you dress, how you feel, a vibe you give off.”

Moreover, with Nicole and her father’s help, she learned how best to manage social media. “She’s such a veteran; she’s really gone through it all. She reminds me that ‘not everything needs to be shared; things can be private just for you,’” Sofia said of Nicole. “My dad preaches that as well: just because you are in a public industry doesn’t mean your whole life needs to be public. When you put something on the internet, you’re opening a door for opinions. So when it comes to products I’m using, or I’m getting ready to go out, I love having an open conversation. Then there are things that I don’t need anyone’s opinion on–if it feels special and sacred to me, I won’t share.”

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