Fans Go Wild Over Sunisa Lee’s Video of Unprecedented New Uneven Bar Skill Ahead of Paris Olympics

The history-making gymnast could potentially have the tricky move named after her.
Sunisa Lee

Sunisa Lee.

Sunisa Lee is hoping to be the first to successfully complete a complicated move on the uneven bars called a “full-twisting Jaeger.” The gymnast, who made history as the first woman of Asian descent and first Asian-American woman to win the Olympic all-around title in 2021, showed off the tricky skill in her latest instagram post.

She shared four slides in the carousel and in each clip, the 20-year-old nailed the sequence, which included swinging backward with reversed hands and then leaping into a somersault with a full-body twist onto another bar.

The move, which has never been completed on a major international level before and therefore isn’t in the gymnastics code of points, will be named “The Lee” if the Minnesota native able to perform it at this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris.

“I did this once… then I woke up,” NCAA LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne commented.

“You woke up and chose chaos today huh,” Australian gymnast Heath Thorpe joked.

“Girl omg,” influencer Bretman Rock added.

“I dropped my frosty,” the Wendy’s fast food chain wrote.

“wowowowowow,” gymnastics icon Nastia Liukin cheered.

“our roman empire,” the official USA Gymnastics account chimed.

“I audibly gasped, you’re so amazing Suni❤️,” American gymnast Maile O'Keefe gushed.

In an interview with, Lee opened up about her recent kidney-related health issues that influenced her decision to take some time off from the sport.

“I have been in and out of the gym just because there’s just so many doctor’s appointments, and I’m taking a lot of medication, so it kind of varies every day. I could wake up very swollen some days and not be able to put my fingers inside my grips,” she shared. “It’s really difficult to kind of work through, but on the days that I can do stuff and I am feeling good, I try and take advantage of that and just get everything done.”

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