Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s Chemistry Is Palpable, Even While They Aren’t on Set

The two have denied romance rumors but prove their incredible acting skills over and over again.
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have been fueling romance rumors ever since that first pic of the two of them in swimsuits came out in promotion of their rom-com, Anyone But You. The Euphoria star and Devotion actor, who are undeniably attractive and somehow make each other look even better, have a perfect working relationship for a romantic film. They act like best friends in interviews, while also having an almost palpable on-screen chemistry. If you watch even 30 seconds of the trailer, you surely think there’s a little something something going on behind the scenes.

And that flirty vibe isn’t only while they were on location in Australia where the Will Gluck-directed Sony Pictures Entertainment movie was filmed.

When Sweeney, 26 and Powell, 35, recently appeared on TODAY and talked to Hoda Kotb, the cohost could feel the chemistry between the two stars. She asked the actors if they knew on their first read of the script that there would be chemistry and the two laughed in unison and Sweeney responded “Yeah.” Kotb continued to allude to a budding romance and said the two really sold it.

“No,” they both responded, looked at each other and giggled before Powell spoke up: “But we do love each other and, honestly, this is one of the most spectacular humans I’ve ever met. She’s really incredible.”

Both parties have denied the rumors, and according to People, Sweeney got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Davino, last year.

They are, after all, professionals who have starred in numerous films, and are just simply masters of their craft. And we, as a public, will always be hopeless romantics and suckers for romance movies.

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