Tanaye White Celebrates the New Year in Miami, Shares 13 Lessons From 2022

The SI Swimsuit model stunned in her beach vacation photos.
Tanaye White.

Tanaye White.

Tanaye White is getting real. The SI Swimsuit model looked absolutely stunning in her latest Instagram post on Jan. 2. White showed off her toned body in a gorgeous baby blue bikini as she posed on a balcony at the Seacoast Suites oceanfront hotel in Miami.

White made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2020 when she was named the co-winner of Swim Search and was featured in the magazine the following two years. She has been involved in sports her whole life, as a dancer, gymnast, competitive cheerleader and collegiate track and field champion.

As a bonus, the 30-year-old included 13 bits of wisdom she learned this past year in her IG post. “Being alone has a power very few can handle ✨,” she wrote. “whew 2022 taught me a lot; here’s a few I’d like to share.”

  1. Disassociating can be a means of survival, but disassociating for too long can be a means to your demise.
  2. Blood is not always thicker than water.
  3. Embrace your elders and the stories they share.
  4. A fun friend does not equate to a genuine friend.
  5. Amapiano is the best music genre.
  6. There’s politics in everything. Play the part but don’t play yourself.
  7. Somebody you love has f—ed somebody you like and vice versa.
  8. Brass knuckles are illegal but brass rings are not.
  9. Not all therapists are empathetic.
  10. A new friendship can be just as strong as an old one.
  11. Overshare when you are thankful and be concise when sharing your disappointment.
  12. I love you but don’t call me, send a voice note.
  13. Humans are vermin of the planet, but there are angels on Earth.

White applied to Swim Search in 2018 but wasn’t named as a finalist that year.

“My inner desire to try harder and go harder was eating away at my spirit,” she said about returning and trying again. “I had countless restless nights going back and forth about whether I wanted to try again or go back to a ‘normal’ life. I know my conscience would not let me not try again. I never want to live life thinking, ‘What if?’”

She added that waiting for news—both good or bad—in the form of a phone call, text, email or video call was definitely the hardest part. The friends she made through the Swim Search process, however, made it all worth it.

“The most rewarding part is the friendships you make along the way and the confidence and courage that comes from interacting and getting to know the SI team,” she explained. “I’ve met women through this experience whom I now talk to every day! And the SI team is full of boss women. Boss women beget boss women.”

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