This Is Emily DiDonato’s Favorite (and Unique) Form of Self-Care

Carefully curating outfits is sure to boost your well-being, according to the model.
Emily DiDonato was photographed by Anne Menke in Sacramento, Calif.
Emily DiDonato was photographed by Anne Menke in Sacramento, Calif. / Anne Menke/Sports Illustrated

When it comes to fashion, American model Emily DiDonato has just one piece of advice. In order to achieve the look or level of style that you want, you have to get up every single day and get dressed with that intent. Like anything in life, achieving a well-rounded or sleek style doesn’t just happen on its own. You have to work toward it.

According to DiDonato, who is known for her great sense of style (as a model, it comes with the territory), “pulling [her]self together” is her “favorite form of self-care,” she said in a recent TikTok. In the clip, the model put various chic outfits on display to the sound of styling advice from another TikTok user.

“There will not be a day where you wake up and you think, ‘O.K., now my life is worth getting ready for,’” the original user explained in the voice-over. “If you want to be stylish, you truly just have to make it a priority.” The first step in dressing better is to “believe that your life is good enough to get dressed up for.”

For DiDonato, believing that and dressing accordingly makes her feel more put together, and it even boosts her well-being. It’s with that mentality that she curates her chic outfits, whether for a runway event or an afternoon out with friends. No matter the occasion, she’s sure to be dressed in her best. So, take a page from her book and start dressing the way you want to feel.

Martha Zaytoun


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