The TV Show That Emma Stone Would Love to Be on

She keeps throwing her name in the ring, but the directors have yet to take the bait.
Emma Stone

Emma Stone.

There’s no denying it, Emma Stone is an incredible actress. With an Academy Award and two Golden Globes to her name and, of course, incredible talent, we have no doubt that she could get just about any part that she wants. But there is one that just keeps alluding her.

The hit trivia game show Jeopardy! is one that Stone feels very confident she could perform well on, but she hasn’t yet been given a shot, she said on the latest episode of the Variety Award Circuit podcast. Each summer, she sends in her application, and each summer—thus far—she has been passed over.

The impressive actress knows she could do well on the show. “I watch it every single night, and I mark down how many answers I get right,” she remarked during the episode. “I swear, I could go on Jeopardy!”

She has an unshakeable confidence in her abilities that makes the “celebrity” edition of the show impossible for her to acquiesce to. “I don’t want to go on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’,” Stone said. “I want to earn my stripes.”

The application is a once-a-year type opportunity. “You can only take the test once a year with your email address, and I’ve never gotten on the show,” she explained. Though it hasn’t worked out for her yet, we are familiar with her work ethic and have full faith that the 35-year-old will pull it off one of these years. Perhaps after she adds a few more trophies to her display cabinet (by which we mean, not too long from now).

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Martha Zaytoun


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