We’re Copying This Adorable Challenge Coco Gauff Has With Her Boyfriend

The young tennis star is as competitive off the court as she is on it.
Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff / Mike Frey-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve come to know Coco Gauff as a fierce competitor on the tennis court. When she won the 2023 US Open last September at just 19, she became the first American teenager to win the tournament since Serena Williams in 1999.

Now, at 20, the Georgia native is continuing her tear on the court. This year has seen her reach the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open, win a Grand Slam in women’s doubles at the French Open and reach No. 2 in the world in singles.

But, when she steps off of the court, she doesn’t leave her competitive drive behind. Gauff isn’t simply determined to be the best with a racket in her hand, she’s determined to win just about every competition she partakes in—even a reading challenge with her boyfriend.

During a press conference at the Berlin Open earlier this week, Gauff admitted that she has been making an effort to read more lately. “I loved reading as a kid and I kind of lost it when I got older,” she explained to the reporters. So, this year, she set a goal of reading 12 books, one per month.

When her boyriend told her his reading plans for the year, she doubled down. “My boyfriend has this thing where he reads the amount of books as the year we’re in, so 24 in 2024, 23 in 2023,” she said. “So when he said he was going to read 24, I got super competitive and I doubled my goal to match his and I like trying to finish faster than him.”

According to the young star, she’s currently leading by two books, and hopes to continue the streak. Knowing her determination (and despite her busy tennis schedule), there’s no doubt she will. In any case, the challenge is so cute, we might just have to follow her lead.

Martha Zaytoun


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